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Aol audult chat

As you no doubt guessed, none of these supplicants were on the up-and-up.

, and they're untraceable when registered with false information and used from a public terminal.If you didn't receive Oluwa's electronic plea, maybe you were instead pitched by Dr.Chukwubu Eze, who's looking for a partner to help him spirit away .62 million in illicit oil money.Odds are they're all Lagos-based con artists looking for American dupes greedy enough and dumb enough to spend thousands in pursuit of nonexistent fortunes. This swindle is commonly known as "419 fraud," after the section of the Nigerian penal code covering cons.They aim to lure you to Nigeria or to a nearby nation where you'll be cajoled into ponying up endless fees to secure the "riches"—,000 for a "chemical solvent" to disguise the money or ,000 for "customs duties." When you eventually wise up, faux police barge into your hotel and demand massive bribes in exchange for your freedom. According to the anti-spam software vendor Brightmail, 419 come-ons are the Web's second-most common form of junk mail, ranking behind only those incessant "herbal Viagra" ads.

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He dropped you an e-mail, labeled "Strictly Confidential," stating that he's discovered a frozen account containing $42.5 million. Oluwa wants to snag the loot, but, for unfathomable reasons, he needs a foreign-based partner to act as an intermediary. Merely send along your "bank name, address, account number, swift code, ABA number (if any), beneficiary of account, telephone and fax numbers of bank." Thirty percent of the booty shall eventually be yours.