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The children of Abraham are again a burnt offering, this time by the command of men. To the contrary, he will sharpen it and fan the altar flames so that they may totally consume their sacrifice.A man-made fire, a knife held by man, must be stopped by man, by a human voice, a human hand.Slowly, the screams subsided and gave way to the usual deadly sounds of the Auschwitz night. Then there was a noise under Ida's three-tiered bunk bed where 36 girls slept, 12 per bed, packed together like sardines. "Ida, you are the brave one, go down and see what it is." All the other eleven girls had to turn so that Ida could move from the spot where she had wedged herself in."All we need are rats, just to give them another reason to shoot us," someone said. Under the bed, in a corner, curled up like a frightened porcupine, was a little girl.She walked over to the blockhova and asked to speak to her privately."I know that your boyfriend is Jewish and assumed a false Aryan identity. Other girls, and even men outside of this barracks, know it too. To save that child became her obsession and purpose for living.

Later that afternoon, a package flew once more over the fence into Ida's waiting arms. Again rumors spread in the camp that the eastern front was nearing and the entire camp was going to be evacuated.My children, be human in this inhuman valley of death.May the merit of our Father Abraham protect you, for whoever saves one Jewish soul, it is as if he saves an entire universe." On the eve of the holiday of Shavuot, Ida and her family arrived in Auschwitz. Ida's father spoke as if to himself: "On this day, millenniums ago, God came down to man in fire and smoke and gave his commandments.She told them that when the children's Aktion began, she managed to run away and hide in the latrine among the piles of chlorine cans.When it became dark, she ran into the barracks and hid under the bed. She had big, blue frightened eyes, beautiful blond curls, and two deep dimples.

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We will all keep quiet if you will help to save Estherke. Rumors began to circulate that Lager (camp) C in Ida's camp would be evacuated. She knew that Estherke would not pass the selection for transfer from one Lager to another.