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That’s why the clever sailor “Marin Malin” prix fixe menu, €42 at lunch, changes every month depending on the chef’s inspiration.Only the freshest ingredients, carefully sourced to provide only what’s best right then are used.Note that the recipe/method here is for Japanese-style white rice.It should work with other white rice types too, but you may need to adjust the water amounts.The elegant private room welcoming up to 60 guests is ideal for all your business meals, directors’ committees or any other business related events.The main room can also be privatized starting from 45 guests, for a total capacity of 60 seated guests.So, if you have 1 cup of rice, use 1 cup and a bit of water.For 2 cups of rice, use 2.2 cups (about 2 and 1/4) water.

(I've seen brown rice that has been pre-treated to cook in the same amount of time as white rice in Japan and some Japanese grocery stores elsewhere, so you could try looking for that.) You need: Following the method described in my basic rice how-to, rinse the rice and drain it well. You just need to do it a few times.) Put the drained rice plus 1.1 times the amount of water by volume in the frying pan.None of those methods really worked to my satisfaction, especially for Japanese style rice -- you know, the kind that goes with Japanese meals, that gets turned into sushi rice, and so on. So this method was quite a revelation for me, in terms of how easy and foolproof it is.I did have to make some small adjustments to the basic method to accommodate the quirks of an electric stovetop (as I explained in my my fried rice in a frying pain article, electric ranges are common in Europe, not so in Japan or the U.Add a sophisticated and original touch of the seaside to you seminars and work meetings by inviting your participants to an institution from the 1920s!In a convivial and very Parisian chic setting, Rech surprises and delights the most demanding gourmets under the guidance of Jacques Maximin and Adrien Trouilloud.

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As you enter the restaurant, the oyster bar sets the tone…