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He managed to kill almost four-hundred other vampires in the process.

1765: Angelus and Darla had a near miss with Holtz in Arles after making too much noise by ordering room service and then eating the waiters.

Afterward, he confronted Darla about her decision to remain underground; won over by Angelus' fearlessness, Darla chose to leave with Angelus, and temporarily abandoned her sire and Master.

Holtz then devoted himself to capturing Angelus and Darla, and chased them across Europe.

In the late 20th century, Angel, as he began calling himself, became an ally and lover (who he still deeply loves) of the current Slayer, Buffy Summers.

First, he brutally massacred his own family, whose blood he later described as the "sweetest of all." Believing her brother had returned to her as an angel, Liam's little sister, Kathy, ignorantly invited him inside the family home. As he killed his father, Liam boasted that despite his father's disapproval, he had managed to make something of himself after all.

The price of such competence: Liam's soul and capability to feel remorse for his actions.

As a demon, Liam, now calling himself Angelus, acted on his darkest impulses, and gave in to his every sinful whim.

Liam's father displayed near-constant disappointment in him, and was not reluctant to call him out on his shortcomings.

Despite his strained relationship with his parents, he and his little sister Kathy, had mutual affection for each other.

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Whilst gloating over his father's corpse, Darla cruelly deflated Liam, claiming that in the end, his father had claimed the victory because his condemnation would haunt Liam for the remainder of his existence, while his father's suffering, while painful, had been very brief.

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