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It shows Jom Social user's profile avatar, badge, notifications and Jom Social menu items. You can turn on-off user avatar, badge, notification etc. "JF Bottom Panel" is beautiful profile module for Jom Social.It shows avatar, badge, points, Jom Social menu items, user search, notifications. In main configuration you can set-up login form options and 3-rd party extension ..."JF Latest Photos" is a beautiful photos slider module for Jom Social. Photos can be filtered by "Album IDs", set-up photos limit, shuffle images etc.Photos can be shown via Pirobox Lightbox or Jom Social Core Popup. "JF Profile Bar" is a beautiful profile module for Jom Social.

Unzip the package to find the Jom Social 4.3.2 installation file or i Joomla Installer.

The feature will not influence your current registration flow and must be manually configured. The old toolbar module will still be a part of package too, for smoother transition.

You can find it in Jom Social Dashboard under Configuration - Registration settings. The newest addition to the Jom Social family of extra modules is one we’ve been carefully crafting for past few weeks.

Although this is not a security patch, we advise you to update your sites today so that you can benefit from the new features and products also included in this update.

The administrator backend now has an option to completely remove the avatar upload step during registration. ) Instead of updating the old Socialize, the JS Toolbar will now be included with every Socialize download.

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The best Joomla template for Jom Social-based sites brings the 2.1.3 update which includes better support for the Jom Social 4.3 branch as well as some bug fixes. The previous Jom Social update introduced the updated JS Toolbar module. We’ve been flooded with requests for the Toolbar module in Socialize to receive the same features. The Dating Search module is a must-have for dating sites. For example, the default gender option will always be male if you’re female and vice versa.