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Danojlić´s poetry is an example of maturity of his poetic style which blurs the distinction between naïve poems and serious literature intended for adult readers. Author(s): Gabriella Lódi / Language(s): Hungarian / Issue: 2/2016 The traditional literary representation of the village has completely changed in the contemporary literature.It is no longer the symbol of isolation, narrow-mindedness, of a non-informative medium, but that of the individuality and originality.The depiction of the local scenes from an ironic, parodistic aspect characterizes the writings of the younger generation.The documentation of the micro worlds and over-mythologization of the village-situations manoeuvre the texts.He gladly concentrated on a point of view that made possible a humorous, ironic, parody-based or satirical subversion of issues and human characteristics.Writing about places and their influences, he discovered portraits of different people (of Count Ilija Jankovic from Dalmatia, the Duke of Medun from Montenegro, Spiro Poznanovic originally from Herceg Novi, etc.) as an optimal form which succeeded in synthesising the analytical as well as artistic demands and pretensions of A Writer's Notes. Author(s): AYKUT KSENIJA, STEFANI MILJKOVIC / Language(s): Turkish / Issue: 1/2016 The First World War had multiple effects on people who have lived in Southeastern Europe.

Thus, his patriotism is awakened, his world is not homogeneous and it is marked with differences and opposites, his man is far from ideal, childhood is not always cheerful and careless, and play is based on the principles of destruction, parody and irony.

While discussing prose works, the author often devotes her attention to the observer’s angle, the “storyteller” or omniscient narrator, particularly stressing the importance of the internal monologue, where the artistic imagination sometimes transgresses the borders of the writer’s original idea, with bountiful results.

In relation to poetic texts, the author points out the transformation of ordinary words, moving away from their literal, standard meaning and transposing natural occurrences into spiritual and cosmic space via a metaphorically complicated coupling. Rajicic Peric / Language(s): Serbian / Issue: 48/2012 As the result of reading there are two types of reading novel Bernardie’s Room by Slobodan Tišma.

Moreover, the Serbs tried to understand the new historical context of the Ottoman period and perceive it through the theological prism.

Therefore they started creating a suitable messianic perspective of their destiny with the help of old, well-known ideas from the Nemanjić period (for example the idea of “new Israel”).

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Both Serbs and Turks participated in the war under different circumstances.