Light skinned women dating sites england dating service

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Light skinned women dating sites

We must not be satisfied with an uncritical acceptance of our beauty standards.We have to be willing to examine we have preferences and realize that “preference” isn’t merely biological, physical, harmless attraction.So here’s why I’m so sure that colorism exists in relationships.

Goldsmith, and William Darity, who co-wrote “Shedding ‘light’ on marriage: The influence of skin shade on marriage for black females.” In that article, the writers refer to prior research that’s provided “ample evidence that greater social status is ascribed to black women with lighter skin shade in the U.

And it does not matter if the person claims it’s “just a joke.” It’s still colorism.

If you can’t express your so called “preference” without fetishizing complexion, then it’s not a “preference,” but a sickness.

If you have not, then consider yourself lucky, but don’t consider it proof that colorism in relationships must be a myth.

I acknowledge that many relationship choices are controlled by subconscious programming, both biological and sociological.

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Saying, “I only date ___ skinned girls/guys” exposes the colorism behind a person’s choice of partners.