Manipulation in teen dating relationships dating a man ten years older

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You may be thinking somehow the kids cleaned, the 20 yr old son must have made a big clean up for Dad before he returned! Yet the house did not stink and the messes were so easily contained.

Could it be that 1 person really could be that bad.

She learned how costly it is to have drains fixed when the house was not draining right. She has only begun to try out home ownership herself. I can only hope she can see I was a benefit only to vindicate me when she sees what she had and lost. In after thought, I have tried to think of the intangible things I miss of her.

A smile, hug, thank you or a feeling of desire or appreciation.

But none can be missed when never offered and received. You can only appreciate the life that is not been sucked away. Hell even if she was good at 1 thing that benefited me, it would have been something. Today it was being discussed with the kids how my soon to be exwife is not only getting 1 kitten which the older daughter fostered from a stray cat.

Yes her husband may be his priorities mixed up when she abuses him yet attracts him at the same time.

It is hard to leave your beautiful slayer who had bewitch you into loving her yet hurt you at the same time. I can never think of a single quality my wife possesses.

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No plastic bag hanging from drawer knobs since was too lazy to walk to the trash can, No trash on top of the counter instead of the trash bag on the knob because she is too lazy to put the trash in a sack. Yes there were things out of place, some messes and unfinished projects from moving back in after she left.