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Mc Ilroy had become a UNICEF Ireland ambassador the previous March.) I don't know if I give that as much credit as I should in terms of just putting perspective on things, because I definitely thought about it during the week of the US Open.There was one particular shot I remember in the first round.I wish Caroline all the happiness she deserves and thank her for the great times we've had.

In addition to the BBC, Premier Sports have recently acquired the TV rights to show live coverage of the World Bowls Tour throughout the year, as well as events such as the PBA Masters, National Under-25s, EIBA Singles Finals, England Internationals, World Pairs and Premier Threes.

But one problem is that you start to over-analyse everything. 'Do this with your putting.' 'Your hands are too low.' 'Take your time.' 'Take more practice swings.' It's all very reactionary and you don't take a step back. RM: No, because it hadn't lingered, and I think that was important.

But I learnt a lot from it, and I knew that I'd never put myself in that position again, or at least would deal with it better. It wasn't as if I had to wait a long time to have a chance again. RM: I started to see Dave Stockton, who uncomplicated my putting a little bit.

Rory Mc Ilroy: Yeah, it was funny - and I think I said this at the time - but I missed the anticipation of being at home and watching it (on TV); I missed sitting down at night and waiting for the coverage to start (laughs), which shows you what a fan I am. I loved it from the moment I got there, and I knew that it would suit my game and that hopefully, one day, I would have a good chance to win it. I'm (standing) between those two cabins at the left of 10 (he had snap-hooked his drive from the tee) and I don't know what to think. ' That was the start of it, but I think when it really (unravelled) was . And then I four-putted on 12 and was just completely flustered. The Masters is the one that everyone wants to go to, so much so that we rent two houses now - there's a house for me, Erica and my parents, and another house for everyone else. On the morning of the final round, Ulster were playing Northampton in the quarter-final of the Heineken Cup and we sat down and watched that, although it didn't go that well.

PK: And that chance came two years later when you entered the final round with a four-shot lead. PK: You said in that talk you gave at the Convention Centre before the Irish Open that you still find that painful to watch? PK: 'It was the only time my mind has gone blank on the golf course'. It was probably similar to what happened to Jordan (Spieth) this year. PK: You said that from the 12th home, you were basically just thinking about what you would say to the press? PK: You shoot 80 in the final round and go back to the house. Chubby (his former manager, Chubby Chandler) had rented a house and we all had dinner there. Back then I would have been on Twitter and watching the Golf Channel and reading stuff, and it's just noise that you don't need.

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But yeah, it was tough, and it's all ifs and buts and hindsight - but if I had won, I could have had a career grand slam at 26. It had gotten quite mechanical and there was a lot of thought going into it, instead of being more natural I guess. I was playing well (third in Malaysia, ninth in Spain, fifth at Memorial) and had a week between Memorial and the US Open, so I met up with UNICEF in Miami and we flew to Haiti for two days.

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