Ryan kwanten dating

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Ryan kwanten dating

He was ALREADY CAST by Brett Ratner and then mysteriously dropped (the studio claimed it was because Ratner himself dropped the project, but that didn't stop *two* of the people Ratner was talking to - Routh and Cavill - from later being cast by other directors), plus back in 2003 nobody in Hollywood knew who the fuck he was until they did some investigating.[quote]He wasn't cast as Superman when the fake Keram posted that fanfic about Jake flying from London to Ireland fro the alleged trysts which would have been in 2008.

What on *earth* do the original Keram rumors have to do with him being cast or not?

Keram also knows that this tactic may not work, given the dramatically heightened scrutiny on the police thanks to the News of the World scandal.

Keram knows that Tammy Cruise had a situation on her hands ...

Keram knows that Gwynnie's former-BFF Madonna is going the Michael Jackson route in her attempts to stop the aging process, and recently spent two weeks and ,000 at a Switzerland clinic undergoing an endless array of "serum treatments." They didn't take.

Keram knows that Ryan Reynolds has fallen into a disturbing depression following the failure of both his marriage to Scarlett Johansson as well as both of his latest leading-role films, and is starting to act out through alcohol overuse.

Again, why do you think Matt Bomer, once a leading candidate for a Superman part, was dropped?I remember "Keram" saying Jake flew to Ireland for the fling, now "he" says it was London, or maybe both although that wasn't mentioned at the time. The rest of the shit posted isn't gossip just made up shit that can't be proved like Cruise hitting on the Situation, we know he is crazy but we also know that he never hits on other celebs, major fail.Missteps like this exposes the frauds that post here. Wow, R20, you are SPECTACULARLY full of shit:[quote]Studios wouldn't have touched Bomer with a 10 ft pole for Superman because he is out around HW circles.Why do you think production on "Man of Steel" has been so endlessly delayed?The studio got wind of the fact that Star Magazine has still photographs of Henry and Jake in a compromising position -- well, more like a dozen of them -- taken from a CCTV camera during their fling in London, and spent the better part of a year squelching them before proceeding with filming ...

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Also the other Cavill pics with Henry and his gay pals were suggestive enough, I saw them.