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Then on July 22, a fisherman found his body floating 4.5 miles off Sea Girt, New Jersey.“The lovely Theresa” was Theresa Duncan, a writer, filmmaker, computer-game creator, and Blake’s girlfriend of 12 years.

He had found her lifeless body on July 10, in the rectory of St.

Blake, an art-world star acclaimed for his lush and moody “moving paintings,” shape-shifting innovations mixing abstract painting and digital film, had ended his life on the night of July 17, walking into the Atlantic Ocean off Rockaway Beach, Queens, never to return.“I am going to join the lovely Theresa,” Blake, 35, had written on the back of a business card, which he left on the beach, along with his clothes.She continued to accuse me of being a Scientologist and part of a Scientology conspiracy to defame her. She was very frightening.”Lovely Theresa Duncan liked to go for drives along the Pacific Coast Highway in her butter-colored Alfa Romeo Spider, listening to Steely Dan.She liked the band for the stories they told about hard-luck characters.“They were remarkable people,” said David Ross, former director of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. They looked as if they shared a secret, one of those cosmic kinds of love. “He slipped through our fingers,” Frank said of Blake. returned to my bungalow five or six times,” the statement continued.But as the snapshots traveled forward, following them from Washington to Los Angeles to New York, they began to look unhappier, brooding, worried, tired.“In the summer of 2006, I saw my brother for the first time in years,” said Blake’s 18-year-old sister, Adrienne, crying, “and I could tell he was completely different from what he had been. In a letter dated August 9, 2006, Blake and Duncan’s landlord in Venice, California, Sabrina Schiller, informed them that they had to move out. Theresa said to me, ‘Jeremy and I have started a club where we’ve found a bunch of old men and we’re letting them fuck us in the ass, and we wanted to know if you wanted to be a part of it.’ I asked Theresa if she was joking. I asked if she was trying to imply something about the age difference between my boyfriend and me.” (Schlei is 41.) “She said ‘no,’ smiled, and walked away.“That night”—a night Blake seemed to be away, uncharacteristically leaving Duncan alone—“Theresa . “Out of the blue, she asked if I was a Scientologist.…

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